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Mr. Wieczorek was very professional and non-judgmental. He was very informative about our situation. I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone that needs law help. Thank you Mark! We are very appreciative of your guidance.
Goose 24
Goose 24
21:39 11 Nov 18
Mark did a great job on my case. He was quick to respond to my messages and seemed genuinely interested in getting me the best possible outcome. He was fair and honest, highly recommended.
Kevin Stewart
Kevin Stewart
17:14 31 Oct 18
The Wieczorek Law Firm is the very definition of excellence, integrity and service before self. Mr. Wieczorek will work diligently to defend your rights without passing judgment and his background as a prosecutor lends him invaluable experience in the field of criminal defense. Mark Wieczorek is an honest man and never once gave me reason to believe otherwise. If you need criminal defense, choose this law firm. This law firm was able to represent a friend immediately , and the absolute best possible outcome was achieved with absolutely minimal hassle.
22:14 24 Oct 18
I cannot give high enough praise for the abilities and skills demonstrated by Mark Wieczorek in his representation of me. Attorney Wieczorek was keenly thorough in preparing for the presentation of my defense and greatly increased my confidence in a very difficult time. Attorney Wieczorek presented a strong and well planned defense resulting in a Not Guilty jury verdict in a case where the prosecution's witnesses were police officers and emergency response team members. Attorney Wieczorek took command of the courtroom from start to finish and won an absolute victory in an extremely difficult case where I had been advised by other counsel to plead guilty and hope for mercy. Attorney Wieczorek saved my life and I recommend him without reservation to any who require a highly skilled, intelligent, compassionate and experienced attorney.
Kira Esperante
Kira Esperante
18:03 11 Aug 18

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The Wieczorek Law Firms’ success in handling Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus criminal cases comes from uncompromising principles directed at the investigation of the facts. We analyze all legal options and then formulate a defense plan that we aggressively and effectively execute.

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Medical Doctor Faces Second Lifetime OVI & Jail Time

Client is a medical doctor and was facing his second lifetime OVI and up to six months in jail with a minimum mandatory of 3 days in jail or a driver’s intervention program. Upon conviction for an OVI, it is also mandatory reporting to the Ohio State Medical Board. Client pled to the reduced charge of reckless operation and served no jail and was not required to report to the medical board as alcohol is not an element of the offense.

J.S | Fairfield Municipal Court
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Brief Introduction

Cincinnati attorney Mark Wieczorek returned to private practice in 2009 after a successful career as a Hamilton County, Ohio, Assistant Prosecuting Attorney. Mark has secured adjudications in many felony and misdemeanor cases for charges ranging from drug possession and OVI to aggravated robbery, drug trafficking, arson, and rape. He has extensive experience with the discovery phase of criminal cases, which aids him in developing successful litigation theories for his clients.

Having this valuable experience gives Mark the insight and vision to understand how his client’s case will make its way through the court system. Based on his experience and training, Mark analyzes and assess each case to determine where the weak points of the State’s case are and what theory to use to exploit them. In addition, he will identify the strong points, from a defense standpoint, and develop a theory of litigation to convey them to the judge or a jury.

As a defense attorney, Mark has successfully argued numerous motions to suppress based on probable cause to stop, probable cause to arrest, and violations of the defendant’s Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment rights. He has won numerous appeals pertaining to the Administration License Suspension and has had a number of field sobriety tests suppressed.

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